Super Tuesday, the Coming Clinton Presidency and other depressing news

Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer goes on sale on Tuesday, yet already the fuss it has kicked. “There’s a new Clinton coming forward for the presidency, and all this is to be expected given what.

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Hillary Clinton used her victory speech after winning six states on Super Tuesday to attack Donald Trump, all but ignoring her rival for the Democratic nomination for president, Bernie Sanders. "We know we’ve got work to do," Clinton told a cheering crowd in Miami, Florida."But that work is not making America great again.

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Reporters and contributors for The New York Times covered Super Tuesday’s results as they came in. Democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton swept the South, while Republican candidate Donald.

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There is a Russian Scandal. But It’s Hillary’s Scandal.. brother of Hillary’s national presidential campaign manager John Podesta is a super lobbyist who took. Let’s start with Hillary.

 · The List of Clinton Associates Who Allegedly Died Mysteriously. Check It Out.. This conspiracy theory continued to resurrect itself during Hillary Clinton’s 2008 and 2016 presidential bids..

Brexit debate LIVE: Super Saturday in Parliament Channel 4 News 397 watching Live now "Obama out:" president barack obama’s hilarious final White House correspondents’ dinner speech – Duration: 32:37.

 · No Questions About Reproductive Rights at Democratic Debate Prominent Democratic women say the lack of discussion of reproductive rights, and other women’s issues, at.

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Washington : Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton surged ahead in the 2016 US presidential polls by posting emphatic wins in the crucial ‘Super Tuesday’ primaries as an epic face-off between the.

Super Tuesday, the Coming Clinton Presidency and other depressing news How to Save Thousands of Dollars in Interest on Your Mortgage – Welcome to Samoset FHA Loans

In 2008 I wrote a piece that they published in the New York Times right after Super Tuesday. some Clinton backers prodding Sanders to exit: “There does come a point when Democrats, and those who.

 · Nobody should go to the polls Tuesday under the delusional impression that a vote for Trump is anything other than a choice to ensure that Hillary Clinton is the 45th President of the United States. Let us count the ways.