Foreclosure Free, (Per Statute) as 5-Year Clock Expires

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Foreclosure to Home Free, as 5-Year Clock Expires Thousands of homeowners who stopped paying mortgages years ago may have an out as statutes of limitations expire, though banks are fighting back. See All

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As per the foreclosure data report of RealtyTrac for January 2014, 1 in every 1,058 homes in U.S received a foreclosure filing. This figure falls in the higher spectrum of foreclosure frequency. As of August 2014, the foreclosure rate was 33.7%, 1.7% up from the last year.

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NY Times: Foreclosure to Home Free, as 5-Year Clock Expires Posted by REIB2008 on Apr 1, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments There are tens of thousands of homeowners who have missed more than five years of mortgage payments, many of them clustered in states like Florida , New Jersey and New York, where lenders must get judges to sign off on foreclosures.

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The clock for the statute of limitations in a foreclosure usually starts when the default occurs-that is, when the borrower stops making mortgage payments. So, the statute of limitations is generallly calculated from the date of the last payment or from the due date of the first missed payment.

Florida, where I live, is just one of those states, and the 5-year statute is now in Florida supreme court waiting for a decision. This can be good news for borrowers who can get their cases dismissed in state court, once they have passed the 5-year deadline or whatever the deadline is for the state of your subject property, as the deadline varies from state to state.

Foreclosure and the 5 Year Statute of Limitations Florida Courts Will NOT Find The Statue Applies Lots of giddy attention lately about the potential for a statute of limitations in foreclosure cases that would make those debts unenforceable.

Foreclosure Free, (Per Statute) as 5-Year Clock Expires A majority of states have a statute of limitations for all crimes except murder. Once the statute has expired, the court lacks jurisdiction to try or punish a defendant.

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