Fixtures Legal Definition

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Fixtures in effect can be defined or viewed as "An article which was once a chattel but which has now become a part of land." It is a legal concept in law, which is used to define a "permanently attached or fixed to real property." In the event of sale of land, fixture are usually sold as a part of land, except otherwise stated in a.

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fixture 1. Something securely fixed in place. 2. Something attached as a permanent appendage, apparatus, or appliance: plumbing fixtures. 3. Law An item of personal property that is physically attached to a property and becomes part. 4. One that is invariably present in and long associated.

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Fixtures possess the attributes of both real and personal property. Types. Fixtures are generally classified as agricultural, domestic, ornamental, or trade. Agricultural fixtures are articles that are annexed for the purpose of farming. Domestic and ornamental fixtures are objects that a tenant may attach to a unit in order to render it more habitable.