The Frugal Lawyer – Why Are You Paying For Legal Research?

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Being frugal will only get you so far in your quest to mitigate your law school debt. You also need to earn some extra income, but the pressures of law school can make that difficult. However, one of the most flexible ways to earn income while in school is becoming a Westlaw or Lexis Nexis Rep.

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Debt Relief & Consumer Lawyers Do you have debt problems and are wondering if you should get an attorney to help? Below you’ll find articles on whether you should hire a debt relief lawyer to help with wage garnishment, car repossession, student loan issues, debt collection lawsuits, debt collector harassment, and more.

Whether they bill by the hour or by the case, defense lawyers typically want defendants to pay a retainer fee up front, before the attorney begins working on the case. For example, a lawyer who bills at the rate of $100 an hour may want clients to pay up front for 20 hours of the lawyer’s time, or $2,000.

Cost-effective legal research alternatives for solo attorneys Business , Lawyers / Matthew Hickey / 15 feb 2012 performing legal research is an important and unavoidable aspect of the practice of law, but the costs of using the largest commercial legal research tools (namely, Westlaw and Lexis) are not insignificant.

Legal research is generally the process of finding an answer to a legal question or checking for legal precedent that can be cited in a brief or at trial. Sometimes, legal research can help determine whether a legal issue is a "case of first impression" that is unregulated or lacks legal precedent.

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You want a thorough legal answer to a significant legal question that can withstand scrutiny, you need to pay This is for general information only. Nothing in this information should be construed as creating an attorney-client relationship nor shall any of this information be construed as providing legal advice.