China and the Global Economy With Richard Duncan #641

As in so many other areas of its economy. and financial services. With 120m Chinese tourists travelling abroad every year, Alipay is fast becoming one of the most global digital payments services.

Economist and financial author Richard Duncan believes China’s economy entered into a hard landing in 2015, with the slowdown set to deepen into a slump that will prove to be "severe and.

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Duncan wrote a further volume in 2012 – “The New Depression: The Breakdown of the Paper Money Economy. Richard Duncan’s work are stark. The global problems that emerged in 2007/8 have not been.

The reason they have managed to get away with that this time is we have a global economy and because we have a global economy the global economy is very deflationary is deflationary because you no longer have to pay someone in Michigan two hundred dollars a day to build an automobile you can now pay someone ten dollars a day in China or Vietnam.

With the US-China trade war heating up, it is important to understand what is at stake.. Monetary Policy is now arguably the most powerful force driving the global economy and the world’s financial markets.. Subscribe To Richard Duncan’s free blog.

Richard Duncan is chief author of the Olduvai theory, a prediction of rapidly declining world energy production.He has an MS in Electrical Engineering (1969) and a PhD in Systems Engineering (1973) from the University of Washington.. The Olduvai theory holds that the ratio of world energy production per capita, which he denotes by the metric e, will peak as the extraction rates of fossil fuels.

About this week’s show: China’s hard landing is now happening 0% rates: debt can’t get much cheaper High asset prices are floating on a sea of fiat money Receive 50% OFF Macro Watch from Richard duncan. promo code: commentary click HERE The McAlvany Weekly Commentary with David McAlvany and Kevin Orrick "Everyone is trying to understand [.]