r/RealEstate – Self-Employed in Florida: Do I need minimum 2 years at 1 job to qualify for a mortgage?

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On the Freddie side (FHLMC), which is how most lenders try to do this, there was a recent change that requires that you must have been self-employed for at least 5 years, otherwise 2 years of returns will be required. Note that in every case here, it’s generally not possible to get a loan if a borrower has only been self-employed for one year.

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The minimum loan term is 5 years, and the maximum term will not exceed the account maturity date. No more than three (3) Fixed-Rate Loan Options may be open at one time. Rates for the Fixed-Rate Loan Option are typically higher than variable rates on the HELOC.

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How to qualify for a second home mortgage. Home prices are rising.. and at least six months if you’re self-employed or have any weaknesses in your file.. Fannie Mae sets its minimum FICO.

For the self-employed, the burden is a bit greater. You’ll typically need to gather details of at least two years’ worth of your entire financial history. This will likely include your federal tax returns, a list of your debts, and a list of your assets. For business owners, you may also need a profit and loss statement or a 1099 form.

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Florida law limits the amount that a creditor can take or seize or "garnish" from your wages to repay your debts. The Florida wage garnishment laws (also called wage attachments) generally follow the federal wage garnishment laws, but some exemptions are available in Florida which might limit a creditors rights to garnish your wages.

(US South Florida) Planning to purchase a condo, but need help (self.RealEstate) submitted 1 year ago by newhouseplease Hello, I’m 25 years old and I’ve just switched over to a job that offers me 75k minimum from 45k.

Proving business income. For self-employed borrowers with a history of paying themselves, mortgage guidelines as of june 2016 state that the borrower no longer needs to prove access to the business income. The applicant, however, may still need to show that the business earns enough to support income withdrawals.