USDA Buyers Stuck in Limbo as Shutdown Hurts Housing

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In 2015, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) conducted a study on how much economic damage the United States suffers annually as a result of foodborne illnesses. It found that, of the 48 million cases of foodborne illness diagnosed every year, a specific pathogen could be identified in only 20 percent of them.

Now, potential buyers are waiting in limbo for the government to reopen, leaving their futures and the housing recovery up in the air. Shut-down Slams Door on USDA Mortgages – Daily Yonder [imgbelt img=USDA_loans01.jpg] Last year usda-guaranteed loans helped inject new vitality into the flagging housing market.

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USDA Buyers Stuck in Limbo as shutdown hurts housing – ( Jacob Smith, a 25-year-old Florida firefighter, wasn’t paying much attention to the U.S. government shutdown until it threw his move to a new three-bedroom home near Daytona Beach into limbo. Smith was ready to complete the purchase Oct. 1, the day the closure began.

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On November 12, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) released an update titled USDA Announces Funding to Improve Rural Housing. 14 Nov 2013 USDA Buyers Stuck in Limbo as Shutdown Hurts Housing

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